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Public Safety 911 Emergency Services

Bottom line, in an emergency, team member engagement is required because Seconds Save Lives®.

Did you know 81% of Dispatchers have trouble sleeping, 28% awaken to nightmares and 76% overeat due to stress? Dispatchers will face 4 times the volume of interactions entering their centers with NG9-1-1.

There are 5 Common areas of Lawsuit risks that dispatch centers need to avoid. Find out how the Equature® NG9-1-1 Recording and Dispatch Improvement Suite can help your dispatch center in these areas.

In our book NG9-1-1 Recording and Dispatch Improvement, you will find out how to improve dispatch operations, eliminate call recording buying headaches and increase dispatcher engagement.

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Private Sector

Are Actively Disengaged Employees destroying your organization?

According to Gallup, 29% of employees are engaged, 52% of employees are disengaged and 19% are ACTIVELY DISENGAGED. This means that 19% of your staff are working to hurt your organization and poisoning your team. Your team is directly responsible for driving client loyalty.

Did you know 95% of businesses will not attain $1 million in sales? Of the 5% that do, less than 1% of those will attain $100 million in sales, worse than that 96% of all businesses will fail in 10 years.

In our new book Human Energy, find out why team member engagement is absolutely crucial for successfully growing your organization and creating raving fan clients.

Book: Human Energy An Innovative Guide to Building a World-Class Organization

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