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What is it?
equature® 100% Content Search is a searching framework that allows you to search 100% of your captured content. equature is exclusive in this function. Most systems on the market today search only 5% of the content like Time/Date, Channel Name, Agent Name or phone number. Designed for obsolete technology in the 90's, this type of search is now outdated. Users are familiar with using Google and when you type a search criteria into Google, you get what you want. equature® works the same way.

Why is this important?
equature® 100% content search is critical for user adoption. Gone are the days of client access licenses or limited user interaction. Users want freedom and relevance when it comes to their interactions and equature® provides it.

How does it work?
When you type in shots fired & Detroit into the search box, equature® returns all relevant communications:

- Shots Fired & Detroit will be highlighted in email and chat/sms messages
- Phone calls with Detroit phone numbers and exchanges will be displayed.
- Phone calls and Video content where shots fired & Detroit was said will be displayed

Our patent pending unified approach is exclusive to equature®.

How To Guide: Operational Improvement

The Operational Improvement guide will help you understand all facets of Document Management and eliminate the fears of adopting it in your organization. Over the years the DM industry has made the process of adopting the solution difficult by leading with techy terms like: OCR, SQL, Deskew, Despeckle, Cropping, TCP/IP, NAS, DAS, SAN.

This guide eliminates all the confusion and will help you decide what components of Document Management you can deploy for your team and foster true operational improvement.

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