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Call Recording, Voice Logger, Call Logger, Public Safety Software
Quality Assessments

The quality assessment module is a tool that allows you to evaluate all recorded interactions throughout your organization. The tool allows you to create questions and grading forms that are totally customizable to your needs.

Real Time Access

equature® is a real-time application. Everything in the system from live audio, live video and RSS are all available RIGHT NOW. Data that needs to be shared with team members along with alerts are all instantly available.


equature® E-Learning module provides delivery and tracking of learning contents to your team members. It allows you to provide training content and verify that all team members have taken the training courses. You can manually deliver the training or equature® can deliver the training based on business rules and conditions.


equature® provides scorecards and reports to further track and analyze performance. Scorecards are top level metrics defined by your organization to track performance over time. As an example, the Dispatch Improvement scorecard for the public safety sector consists of number of assessments completed, number of trainings completed and overall scores by month. This is tracked to the plan defined by the agency.


The equature® dashboard is your personal landing page into the system. This page is totally customizable and can display the information that is most relevant to your requirements. The dashboard allows for multiple web parts showing current access, mapping of interactions, heat maps and saved searches.

How To Guide: Operational Improvement

The Operational Improvement guide will help you understand all facets of Document Management and eliminate the fears of adopting it in your organization. Over the years the DM industry has made the process of adopting the solution difficult by leading with techy terms like: OCR, SQL, Deskew, Despeckle, Cropping, TCP/IP, NAS, DAS, SAN.

This guide eliminates all the confusion and will help you decide what components of Document Management you can deploy for your team and foster true operational improvement.

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Free Guide: Operational

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