Providing Capture & Management solutions for Court Room Proceedings
FTR Gold®

Call Recording, Voice Logger, Call Logger, Public Safety Software

FTR has long been the standard for digital court recording and our FTR Gold product suite is an all-encompassing end-to-end solution for facilitating the capture and management of courtroom proceedings. It is widely recognized for its quality, stability and robustness. Our FTR Gold offerings have now been enhanced. Apart from the basic functions of digital audio and video recording, remote monitoring and playback, FTR Gold can be used for annotation, search, navigation, archival, content management and transcript order and fulfillment.

To learn more about each of the products in the FTR Gold suite, click on the links below:

  • FTR Reporter ™- software-based, 4-channel audio recording solution
  • FTR Reporter AV ™- software-based, 4-channel audio-video recording solution
  • FTR Log Notes ™- electronic tool for comprehensive, time-stamped note-taking
  • FTR Monitor™ – software solution to centrally monitor and remotely control court proceedings
  • FTR Mixer™ – software add-on to FTR Reporter™ that delivers a multichannel mixing and encoding solution
  • FTR Touch™ – touch-screen hardware based, 4-channel audio recording solution

The FTR Gold family of products is an ideal choice for courts and can in fact be used across multiple courtrooms simultaneously. Its advantages are its ease of use, low cost, stability and reliability, and high quality. Its archiving abilities, both in audio form and note form are useful for judges and lawyers in courtroom proceedings.

How To Guide: Operational Improvement

The Operational Improvement guide will help you understand all facets of Document Management and eliminate the fears of adopting it in your organization. Over the years the DM industry has made the process of adopting the solution difficult by leading with techy terms like: OCR, SQL, Deskew, Despeckle, Cropping, TCP/IP, NAS, DAS, SAN.

This guide eliminates all the confusion and will help you decide what components of Document Management you can deploy for your team and foster true operational improvement.

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