Public Safety Educational Research
NG9-1-1 Impact on the Dispatch Center

In this recorded research briefing you will learn

  1. NG9-1-1 Purpose and Overview
  2. The impact of NG on the Dispatch Center
  3. Legacy Recording vs. NG Recording and why you need both.

NG9-1-1 is the biggest revolution to happen to Public Safety Centers in 30 years. The need to accept text messges, pictures and videos in real-time is simply a requirement today. People today text more than make calls and the general public does not realize that 911 Centers can't accept text mesages. An effect NG9-1-1 roll out and strategy will change this. Get educated now and click on the video below to learn more.

Free Video: NG911 Recording Research Briefing

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Why Dispatch Improvement is Crucial?

In this one on one educational research briefing, you will interact directly with the one of our industry specialists and discover:

  1. 3 Major Risks facing PSAPs Today
  2. Problems with current training
  3. Staffing and funding issues and the liability they create

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Free Briefing: Why Dispatch Improvement is Crucial?

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